Why is it important to get my teeth cleaned?

Where do I begin?!?!  Let's start with the most obvious and common reasons that you may already know.  Even with good homecare, over time teeth can develop a build-up of plaque (soft deposits), stains, and tartar (hard deposits)  Professional cleanings will remove what your brush and floss cannot.  Your teeth will look whiter and feel cleaner.  Your breath will be improved.  You reverse gingivitis (red, sore and bleeding gums).  Simply put you will be improving your oral health.


If you do not get your teeth cleaned regularly, gingivitis progresses to periodontitis ( an infection that destroys the supporting structures for your teeth) and increased bacteria counts lead to tooth decay.  These could lead to painful and expensive dental procedures and even tooth loss.


What you may not know is that your oral health is closely related and linked to your overall health.  Recent studies have found that if you have advanced stages of gum disease you are more at risk for other health problems such as heart disease, stroke, premature labor, respiratory diseases, and diabetic complications.


Prevention is the key!!  When you visit and Independent Dental Hygienist and have your teeth cleaned you can be reassured that you are maintaining optimal oral health and overall health!




If I see you for my cleanings, will this affect my relationship with my dentist?


No, it should not.  As a fee for service industry it is your choice who you wish to provide those services for you and you should not lose your dentist, nor should it compromise the relationship you have with him/her.  Independent dental hygienists recommend you see your dentist on a regular basis for exams and x-rays and will refer you for further treatment/ assessments as needed.  I have a list of dentists who are accepting referrals from my practice.  Working together is an important aspect of meeting all of your oral health needs.





What is an Independent Dental Hygiene Practice and what can they do for me?


Dental hygienists that are authorized by the College of Dental Hygienists to "self-initiate" have the required education, experience and licensing to open their own practice and treat clients without the presence of a dentist.  Independent Hygienists offer the same quality professional services that you receive from hygienists that work in the traditional dental offices such as medical history screening. charting. comprehensive oral health exams. cleanings, oral hygiene and health instruction and more.  Working on their own they provide the public with options to receive their preventive care from the provider they are comfortable with, in relaxed, alternative settings, and at lower costs.

What if I have dental insurance.....can I still see you?


Yes!  Most dental insurance companies cover the treatment provided by independent hygienists, but it is always wise to check.  Currently, not many insurance companies are set up to receive electronic claims from independent hygienists as we use different codes than dental offices.  Claim forms are therefore prepared by me, you then mail them in and they will be manually processed.  Generally, re-imbursement is received within a couple of weeks.  My practice requires full payment on the day of service by cash or cheque at this time.