Fees charged are based on the ODHA suggested fee guide for Dental Hygienists.  My fees are rounded down from that lower fee guide and therefore run between 25-60% less than the dentist's fee guide depending on the service.

No tax is charged on dental care. 

Seniors receive 10% off services. 

Most insurance companies recognize billing from dental hygienists and none of my clients have had any issues receiving their re-imbursements.  Even with dental insurance it makes sense to see an Independent Hygienist.  Firstly, insurance coverage is becoming less and less, most plans work on percentages therefore your out of pocket costs will be less and also most plans allow a maximum dollar amount/year - so cheaper cleanings leaves more to go towards other work that may be needed. 


Sensitive teeth can be improved with the use of a sensitive formulation paste or fluoride varnish.  When these products are applied they help block the transmission of temperatures and touch to the nerves of the teeth.  Often sensitive teeth results from multiple factors and I can help educate clients on the ways in which to prevent the condition from worsening and help with treatment options.

Teeth Whitening

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your smile - professional teeth whitening can get your teeth up to 8 shades whiter!  Dental Hygiene Care By Marnie can provide you with a whitening kit and custom trays that you would wear at home for a short period during the day for 8-14 days.  If you would like a brighter, whiter smile call the office for more details and to find out if you are a candidate.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

At dental hygiene appointments homecare instructions and samples/tools are given to clients.  Since everyone's mouth is different and everyone has different wants and needs I will customize the client's education to them to help with their homecare routine.  The appointment scheduling allows time to answer any of my  patient's questions and concerns.

Custom Proform Mouthguards

Like the name implies these are customized to fit you because they are made from an impression of your mouth.  A mouthguard made by a dental professional is superior because it is less bulky and adapts to the anatomy of your mouth keeping it secure during activities and impact.  It will help improve the athlete's performance as they do not have to worry or fuss with it so the focus remains on the task at hand.  Also, they are able to re-hydrate easier and breathe better, increasing oxygen exchange and thus performance.  Communication between players improves as you are able to speak better with a custom sportsguard.  Designed by dental and sports professionals these dual laminated thermoplastic polymers provide excellent protection for the teeth , bone and the brain.  Worn properly it absorbs and redistributes forces which will decrease the chance of tooth loss or breakage, tissue traumas, bone fracture and/or concussions.  Marnie's Mouthguards offers this service to individuals in office or can service groups/teams with an on-site clinic.  With low cost, a variety of colors to choose from and convenient professional service - this is definitely the way to go!

Teeth Polishing

This is done at the end of a cleaning with a polisher (like an electric toothbrush) with a non-latex rubber cup and fluoridated pumice to remove any remaining plaque or stain from the teeth.

Fluoride Treatments

This is the topical application of a mineral that has been proven in studies to strengthen the enamel thus preventing cavities.  It is commonly used in children to help reduce the incidence of decay but is effective for the same purpose in adults that are prone to cavities and can also help with sensitive teeth.  It comes in different forms such as a foam (applied in trays), a rinse, and a varnish.


A preventive treatment for newly erupted teeth that helps prevent cavities.  A thin resin coating adheres to the tooth filling in deep cracks and pits thus preventing plaque and food from being trapped and starting decay.  this is a quick and simple procedure that requires no freezing and does not alter the tooth.  It makes it easier for kids when cleaning those difficult area, provides peace of mind,, and is much less expensive than a filling!




Teeth Cleaning (scaling)

This is when hand or ultrasonic instruments are used to remove the soft (plaque) and hard (tartar/calculus) deposits from the teeth.  Removing these deposits from the tooth helps reverse gingivitis, prevent gum disease (periodontitis), reduces tooth decay, improves bad breath and the appearance of your smile.

Scaling is billed by "units", and one unit = 15 minutes..

Oral Health Assessment

At the first visit clients will fill out medical and dental history forms.  Providing there are no contraindications for treatment a thorough assessment is done fo the head, neck, and oral cavity that includes a visual cancer screening and a periodontal evaluation.  Complete charting is done to document all normal and abnormal findings which provides a reference point for further visits.  All information gathered at this appointment will assist me in formulating a dental hygiene diagnosis and treatment plan..